3 places in Singapore must visit for paid sex service

massageparlour-_-mk8388.com.jpgmassage parlour 

Health Centers in Singapore in general are all cover ups for places of sex in Singapore. Roughly over 100 over different HC are in Singapore. From the East, to the West, Jurong to the North, Sembawang (I think) to the South Generally, Entrance fee ranges from the cheap 38 dollars to about 80 dollars. Most health clubs are licensed massage places.

Geylang red light district

Singapore has also one of the best brothel system in Geylang. The number of girls working there are numerous and probably about 5,000 girls are currently either working in the system. Cost range from $50 to $200 dollars for a one time firing! Girls come predominately from three countries:  china and Thailand, and now Vietnam.

Orchard Towers

Girls inside these bars are available for sex and normally there’s no entry fee charge, Orchard Towers girls will ask between $150 to $300 Singapore dollars.

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