FAKES Really disappointing sex trade in Singapore Prostitutes.


Have been cheonging for years but now the web sites photos are mostly FAKES. Really disappointing. These people are unscrupulous that we cheongesters are being exploited in this very unreasonable way.

Please let all Singapore horny males BEWARE of this scam extortion.

The many web sites advertising services shows photos of “model-like” females mainly from PRC. They are young looking, with curvaceous bodies, pretty and sexy. BEWARE this is where the trap begins.

They are mostly housed right in the mist of our public housing and categorized as North, South, East, West and Central. It so convenient for the working men.

But the photos of these “model-like” females are taken maybe 5 to 10 years ago and worst of all some of these ladies are someone altogether from the
photos advertised.

As Singapore males are deem to be “soft”, “kind-hearted”, “afraid of trouble” and worst of all “plain stupid” , they are then trapped in a situation where after meeting the girl in person, they have no choice but to either go ahead and pay the “aunties” for sexual services and or compensate these aunties’ time waiting for the appointment.

I was caught in a situation where the “aunty” was suppose to be a sweet looking 20 year old and when shown the photo on my handphone, the aunty insist that she was with make-up then and the photo was taken in a studio and photo shop!!!!! Then she admitted that she cannot have her photo published as it will be shameful for her if her friends find out!!!! LOL!!!

I immediately told her I am sorry and wanted to leave but she stood at the bedroom door and demand that I compensate her $20.00 for her time waiting for me. I was surprised as I was punctual for my appointment but she said that she has turn down “a few” customers because of me and refuse to let me leave the room. What about my time taken and traveling and parking fees incurred??? Who compensate me??? I threatened to call the police and she told me to go ahead which I did.

These girls are just so brazen and are not afraid of our law. I was unable to provide the police with the apartment unit number and when ask to go out to see the unit number the aunty got so aggressive spouting all vulgarity at me. I am not a woman beater and I told her so but I just refuse to give in to her coercement not that I mind spending $20.00 but it is just not right!!!!

After much shuffling and without laying a finger on her, I finally got out of that hell hole without paying her a single cent.

Check the arithmetic, if the aunty con say 20 Singapore males per day and demand compensation of $20.00 per male that will be translated into $400.00 per day which is approximately $12,000.00 per month. On a social visit visa that’s a gold mine.


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