Singapore online sex trade reviews

singaporeonlinesextradeThe changes are a response to how the Internet has affected the world’s oldest industry – the sex trade.

Instead of having highly visible red-light districts, the shift online has made prostitution a more hidden and discreet business.

It means prostitutes no longer need middlemen – agencies and pimps – to source for clients or to provide a venue.

And many have decided to have a go at it alone.

Singapore is no exception. Over the past few years, websites where women post advertisements to solicit for paid sex have sprung up. These women operate out of Housing Board or private flats, and the advertisements are grouped according to where they are located – north, south, east, west or central Singapore.

Clients can browse the websites by the women’s location, age, bust size, height, types of sexual services offered, or how much they cost.

The women’s “business” addresses are not listed on the websites.

Customers can call or text to find out the rough location. The exact address is revealed only when the client reaches the area.

Below are some of bad experience by member of

Beware of most girls from XXXXXXX website. Their services sucks. arrange for a session with Zhu Li Ye and reached 10 mins before hand. Rejected my call and ask me to wait cos she eating lunch.. waited for 15 mins no call. I decided to use another hp number to make appointment. Surprisingly she accepted it and told me she is available now. Just to warn brother out there, most of them here for 1-2 months and they dont bother about good services. They try to book 2-3 person within 1 hour slot and ask you to wait. Most job finishes in 20 mins and off you go. If its $50-$60, i dun mind half an hour service. Look at their pricing, $120-$150 for 1 hour.. All Bullshit..

All gals got attitude problem and
always rush you to cum asap. Those under massage category worst, all cannot massage at all and worst their faces all CMI. Overall you spent less than 20 mins time including bathing.

The services and feedbacks stated on the website all bluff. Bros here just beware.


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